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Charters aboard El Matador.

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Welcome to El Matador Sportfishing.


The 35’ Cabo Yachts Convertible, El Matador, is the newest and best equipped boat in the Puerto Vallarta sportfishing fleet.

The boat has all the necessary gear from Calstar, Okuma, Makaira, Owner and more to make sure you are ready to do battle with the giants lurking in Puerto Vallarta waters.

El Matador is owned and operated by Manny Ocaranza. Many Puerto Vallarta fishermen know Manny as one of the top captains in the area with a proven track record of delivering big fish. Over the past 10 years he has put hundreds of anglers on their fish of a lifetime aboard Yolaray and Pacifico. Manny and his crew are fluent in english and will make you feel right at home immediately.El Matador represents the culmination of all of Manny’s experience and hard work. Known for being a dedicated and aggressive fisherman, Manny will put you on the fish. El Matador and her crew will take you where the bite is currently the best and keep you on the fish until the sun goes down. While Manny and El Matador are known for catching big game giants like Yellowfin Tuna, Black Marlin and Blue Marlin, we they will be happy to tailor a trip to suite your wishes. If you are a hardcore angler seeking a new personal best, just let us them know and you can fish YOUR WAY. If you are a less experienced angler or bringing the family along, we’ll they will be happy to assist in any way possible. We They are here to make sure you have a great day on the water and catch plenty of fish. Please take a minute to read all about our Boat, Crew and the unique big game fishery that Puerto Vallarta offers.

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What people are saying about El Matador Sport Fishing

  • "Big Thanks to Captain Manny For Putting Us On Fish All Day Long"


Rates And Trips

12 hour ..... $1350

Great for: Tuna, Marlin

Easy to Catch
Fish to Grow

This trip is great of for catching our near shore species. We have plenty of great angling opportunities without the longer runs.

10 hour ..... $1150

Great for: Marlin, Sailfish or Dorado, Corbetania

Easy to Use
Room to Grow

This trip is best for targeting Corbetania, the closer of our two primary grounds. When the fish are biting at Corbetania, this is more than enough time to get into a great bite.

8 hour ..... $960

Great for: Roosterfish, Jacks, Sailfish or Dorado

Easy to Use
Room to Grow

This trip is great of for catching our near shore species. We have plenty of great angling opportunities without the longer runs.